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  • Charcoal Chassis

    Charcoal Top

    Charcoal Bottom

    PVD Rose Gold Plate

    PVD Rose Gold Brass Knob

  • Silver Chassis

    Charcoal Top

    Charcoal Bottom

    PVD Silver Plate

    Charcoal Aluminum Knob

  • E-White Chassis

    Frosted Polycarbonate Top

    E-White Bottom

    PVD Silver Plate

    PVD Silver Brass Knob

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Solo Macropad

The Synth Labs Solo is a 7-key macropad with a rotary encoder, inspired by beatmania IIDX controllers and modern record players.

• CNC-Milled Aluminum 6063 and Brass construction
• Powered by QMK
• Remappable buttons and rotary encoder with VIA
• Hotswappable MX-style switches
• Hotswappable Bourns EC-11 rotary encoder
• Can be assembled in left or right-handed orientation
• Usable as beatmania IIDX mini-controller with special firmware

  • 1⨯ Chassis

    1⨯ Bottom Chassis

    1⨯ Top

    1⨯ Plate

    1⨯ Knob

    7⨯ DSA Keycaps by Signature Plastics

    1⨯ Allen Key

    1⨯ Custom-molded Carry Case

  • 1⨯ PCB

    1⨯ Top Foam

    1⨯ Bottom Foam

    1⨯ Bourns EC11 Rotary Encoder

    7⨯ Switches

    4⨯ M2 x 6mm Screws

    4⨯ M2 x 8mm Screws

    5⨯ M2 x 10mm Screws

    1⨯ M3 Set Screw

Mini-Controller Demo

Turntable-style knob shown. Demonstrated on beatmania IIDX Ultimate Mobile.

PC and Android controller support only. Download firmware for Mini-Controller usage here.