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Solo - B-Stock

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Fully-functional prebuilt units of the Synth Labs Solo with cosmetic imperfections on some parts that don't meet our high quality bar.

All variants are assembled with Gateron Pro 2.0 Yellow switches, a Clicky w/ Button rotary encoder, and matching keycaps.

All sales for this item are final.

Quality Standards

  • B-Stock: This may include small scratches, or surface finishing artifacts that can be seen while fully assembled
This batch of e-white parts are free of scratches and dents, but were produced with a surfacing finish that is inconsistent with our A-stock units


The Synth Labs Solo is a 7-key macropad with a rotary encoder, inspired by beatmania IIDX controllers and modern record players.

  • Powered by QMK
  • Remappable buttons and rotary encoder with VIA
  • Hotswappable MX-style switches
  • Hotswappable Bourns EC-11 rotary encoder
  • Swappable left or right-handed configurations
  • Usable as beatmania IIDX INFINITAS mini-controller with firmware

For more information, check out the Synth Labs Solo User Guide.